Tuesday, November 06, 2007

October in a single post

Where did October go?

I was...uh...in a time warp. Yeahh...that's it. Time warp.

I started working 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. It's very productive, in my opinion. And you get used to it. Since I live so far from work, I basically get home with just enough time to eat, sleep, eat, shower. But 3 days off is nice, even if I spend all of the first day asleep. I do like to sleep. Plus I save a considerable amount on gas.

In the last month, the kitchen was remodeled. The wall separating it and the living/dining room was knocked down. It freaked out the cat and she pooped in strange places. Thank goodness she got over it.

Now we have a hardwood floor, granite counter tops, a trash compactor, recessed lighting, under-cabinet task lighting, a new stove, a deep sink with a new garbage disposal, and many more cupboards under the bar where the wall used to be. Oh and the crappy, pointy textured ceiling was covered so it's flat and I can have BALLOONS!

Whilst the kitchen is awesome (it's as if someone accidentally left their nice kitchen in our old house), sleeping was impossible. It's not cool to come home at 11:30pm and get woken up at 7am by guys delivering granite.

The fence was also rebuilt by the same guys, so Kane can now romp and play as free as a fenced in dog can be. Which isn't much for Kane because he'd really rather be inside sneaking a nap on the couch.

My parents are out of town. Out of state. Soon to be out of country. It's not too spooky in the house. Previously, the dog would sleep outside the bedroom door, but apparently the lure of sleeping on the basement couch is just too strong. Luckily/unluckily, I have a cat who won't leave me alone. I think the lack of company is making Butters even more clingy, if you can imagine. In fact, she is using my leg as a pillow right now as I type. It's cute, but I feel bad when I have to get up and toss her aside. And she's warm. But I swear, if she doesn't stop rubbing her face on me, she's gonna go bald in the face and I'm gonna have rug burn.

I thought taking care of the 8 pets (1 dog + 1 cat + 6 fish) would be bothersome, but it's not bad. Plus having to take care of the pets ensure that I don't stay at work too long. The dog's gotta pee, ya know.

Speaking of that...I gotta go.