Friday, December 23, 2005

All dogs go to heaven

I'm home! As usual, I'm very happy to be home and I'm especially glad to be here for about two weeks. I get to see my parents and Goo and the pets. Butters the cat is being very naughty. She keeps knocking things down with her big ol' butt. Butters got a big ol' butt, oh yeah! Kane the big headed dog is doing well.

Kane is now the alpha dog. Trub, our old dog who came to us in November 1992, died two days ago. I was able to see him the night I arrived. He apparently hadn't eaten for four days. Trub was in the utility room and lying on his side, breathing very heavily and slowly. I had to nudge him to get him to acknowledge me. It was very sad.

The next day, we went Christmas shopping. By the time we came back at about 3pm, Trub was dead. We wrapped him in the rug he slept on and buried him in the back yard near the fence by where the peach tree used to be. The grave is now topped with two large terracotta tiles. We were afraid Kane might dig up the grave, but when Kane went out there with Goo later that night, he seemed spooked and barked at Goo until they came back into the house.

We never treated Trub very well, not like we treat Kane who is more of a house dog. Trub was sort of our first dog and we learned a lot from him. Regardless, we loved him and know he is fine now because all dogs DO go to heaven.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Chronicles of Aileen's Diet

I've eaten so much since my last JC weigh-in. But it's all been really yummy. Not all of it was "junk", but I've hardly eaten any of my JC food this week.

Wednesday - weekly cheatin' :
Double Dave's Peproni Sticks and Pizza buffet. Ate a lot, but not so much it hurt. Should have skipped this, but I was with a friend. Social pressure, I guess.

Thursday - Lab Christmas Lunch: Backstreet Cafe's Lobster Sandwich and Brioche Bread Pudding. I thought it would be lobster salad, but it was actually battered and fried lobster tails!! I was full up to my nose. It was good and it was a fabulous day out with the lab (we also went to see The Chronicles of Narnia) but, I kind of regret choosing this meal. This meal actually hurt.

Saturday - payment for driving friend to the airport: Paulie's Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto Panini with Greek Pasta salad. At least I didn't order meat!? No website, but here are some reviews.

Sunday : Ruggle's Goat Cheese and Grilled Chicken Salad with Sundried Tomato dressing and Whole Wheat Bread Pudding. This meal was fairly healthy. I was impressed with the 175 Calorie bread pudding; it was a large serving and really tasty, despite not having any egg yolks in it. Taste and satisfaction-wise, probably the best meal of the week. I was even humming to myself while I ate. So what if the Sunday after- church crowd haughty-taughties think I'm weird?

Sunday night - Pot luck holiday party: A little bit of everything but didn't stuff my face. I brought a low fat trifle made with store-made Angel food cake, frozen strawberries mixed with Polaner's Splenda-sweetened strawberry jam (WAY better than Smucker's Nutra-sweet jam), sugar & fat free white chocolate Jello instant pudding, and lite cool whip. It was a BIG hit since it was light and people were already stuffed. And it was pretty!

I've been trying to fit in exercising, but as usual, I'm super busy with work and stuff right before I take off for vacation. BUT, I did manage to do exercise DVDs twice and I went to yoga this morning. I learned new stuff this week, which I always love. But it was HARD today. I was breathing like Fatty McGee. And in Ashtanga you're supposed to breathe REAALLY loud but only in AND out through your nose, and sound as if the ocean was in your head. So I'm sure EVERYONE could hear how HARD I was breathing. My teacher even commended me on it, but I was just thinking, "I can't help it! I'm gonna die!" And I was a little embarrassed when he said, "Good job, you're really working hard. I can see the sweat glistening on your face." But in ALL honesty, I was closest to the space heaters!!!!

My next JC appointment is Tuesday morning before fly home. I just hope I haven't gained a pound. Losing these most recent five pounds has been kinda of hard :(. But as least I'm trying! I usually just say screw it and gain another 10lbs.

Unfortunately, I can't really see myself being very good with my diet when I'm at home. I'll have to try hard to stick to my JC food. And I'll try to keep exercising. And if it will help my parents eat more healthily, I'll have even more reason to stick to the diet.

By the way, if you read all of this, thanks! I mean, honestly, who really cares what I ate? But then again, there are plenty of people who actually get paid to write about stuff they ate. Oh, what a dream job that would be!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To Catch a Thief, or a Maintenance Guy, or a Perv in Your Underwear

I came home today and found my ironing board moved out from in front of the air vent. I can only assume apartment maintenance people came in to do something in regards to the leaky air conditioner that I had called about MONTHS ago when it was still hot outside. They said it might be a while since they only have one maintenance guy right now, but man, they really took their time. Well, I just thought they were never coming. (It wasn't always like that. They used to be really quick about fixing stuff and would come the next day. I'd move, but I'm lazy and don't expect to live in Texas too much longer.) But it's always kinda creepy when they come when I'm away at work. And this time I wasn't expecting them, so of course, the place is a total trash-hole (I'm really much better when I live with other people since the mess is confined to a smaller area all my own, but shared rooms are organized and tidy).

Oh, I just found the note saying that they came by and changed the AC filter.

Perhaps I should get a camera. That would mean a camera for home and work! Well, it worked for this girl : Woman Uses Hidden Camera to Catch Man Wearing Her Underwear .

But honestly, if any dude is gonna break in to my place, he should at least do my dishes, like this Chinese guy .

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I vomited a little in my mouth

Here's a link that will tell you everything about your birthday .

The first bit of info is the day you were probably conceived. Apparently I was conceived June 22, 1979. June 22 is my dad's birthday.

I'll grow up one day, but for now...EEEEWWWWWWWWWW.

Addendum 12/8/05 10:45pm: Edward was conceived on January 20th. That's two days before mom's birthday. Again, EEEEEWWWW! (Wait a tic...January 20? Parents got married April 23! Shocking!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thou shalt not steal my stuff

Someone stole my lotion off my desk at work. It joins the following things gone completely* missing from the area:
-my coworker's lotion
-my coworker's novelty valentine's day pen
-a Coke from the neighboring lab's cabinet
-an apple from the neighboring lab's cabinet

I just bought that lotion too. It was Cherry Blossom hand repair lotion from Bath and Body Works and cost me a $12! I really hate when people steal personal items. I need to set up a webcam, but I'm afraid they'd steal the camera. So, instead I just bought another bottle of the same lotion. I'm going to leave the bottle on my desk, just as before. If I don't the terrorists have already won! Wait, that's different. Anywhoo... Like I said, the bottle will be there. But I wouldn't use it if I were you. If you did, I wouldn't put my hands anywhere near any mucous membranes. Might burn like habanero peppers for some strange reason.

*a box of latex gloves were taken off my bench, but I saw them in the neighboring lab's area. I never confronted them about it. But now, EVERYTHING on my bench is labeled.

NB: I have not told anybody I work with about this blog.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kinda Slow

I check several blogs pretty much everyday and everyday I hope there is a new entry on each site.

I even do that with this blog. But then I remember that it's MY blog.

I'm a tish-bit slow sometimes.

Sorry folks, as for an actual post, I got nuthin.

In the meantime, here's a picture I took near Rice University of a sign for the similarly retarded (just in case you couldn't figure out the long strip of concrete next to the road).