Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got stood up last week. TWICE.

Tuesday afternoon my friend J. and I were having an afternoon coffee. At one point in the conversation she leans forward and looks at me seriously.

"I have something important to ask you."

"Uh, ok."

"I would like your commitment."

"Uhhhh, wha?" This is so gay.

"I need someone to meet me at the gym everyday so that I exercise more regularly. I need commitment. Can you make that commitment?"

LOL, gay.

Anyway, we agreed to go the next morning for a walk around the Rice University track or the UT rec center if the weather sucked. To start this whole thing the very next morning was a little sudden and I hadn't been getting up very early because my sleep schedule was a little shifted, but I figured why not? I'm all for helping and encouraging someone who wants to get healthy.

So after a short 4 hours of sleep, Thursday morning at 7am, I get up, jump into my sweats, lace up my shoes, pull back my hair, and give J. a call at 7:30.

No answer.

I waited 15min and called again. Still no answer. DAMMIT. This wasn't even my idea!!! Grumbling to myself, I kick off my shoes and do a few sun salutations. But once I got into corpse pose, I just lied there and went back to sleep for another hour. (That is honestly the best part of yoga. Every session ends with you just lying on your back.)

Turns out she overslept until noon and left her cell phone in the car so she never heard it.

*sigh* Ok, so I understand and ask her if she wants to try again tomorrow. She says yes.

She means no.

Thursday morning I have a hell of a time getting up. But I figure she'll really want to go since she stood me up the first day. I call her at 7:15 eager to take a walk outside even if it is a little cloudy. She answers the phone and it's obvious I just woke her up. But we agree to meet at the rec center at 8am. Oh well, no outdoor walk today.

I got to the rec center at 8 and started on a treadmill. I hate this gym. There are a lot of machines and the place is newly renovated, but there is no TV. The little workout room at my apartment complex has crappy and probably dangerous machines, but at least there is TV. The only thing keeping me sane at this rec center is the fact that I have never used this paticular machine before and still need to figure out what all the buttons are for. No TV and I have no music.

After 40mins, 2 miles, about 300 Calories burned, my cell phone rings. It's J. Turns out she fell back to sleep. She was VERY apologetic.

*Sigh* this wasn't even my idea. I don't care to exercise with people unless I'm outdoors. Exercising with people at a gym is really unnecssary unless you need a spotter. Because really, if you have the ability to talk a lot or read or look around, you're probably not exercising hard enough. The WHOLE point was that she'd feel obligated to go if she knew someone was there to meet her. Oh well, at least it got ME out of bed.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Girly Girl Makeup Crap

When you lose a bit of weight, it's really nice when people notice. Although sometimes you wonder, "Christ, did I look like utter shit before? Was I so freakishly fat I never noticed the balloon handlers tethering me down to the ground?" Anyway, it's nice to get compliments and it doesn't feel like a futile exercise to get all made up and look nice. So I've been even happier to find stuff that makes me feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

Sephora's Wet Dry Foundation Best pressed powder EVER. Even comes in MY skin color, which is pretty much impossible to find. And it's great for my oily oily skin. I use it dry for full coverage because I have such crappy crappy uneven skin tone, but you can also use it wet for sheer coverage. It's only $18, compare to Lorac's similar product at $35, and only about $6 more than the upper end of drugstore brands that don't match my skin tone at all.

Benefit's Lemon Aid Awesome eyelid primer. It isn't greasy and doesn't fall into the creases. You're supposed to just use it for your eyelids, but I use it under my eyes too. I figure it's the same kind of thin skin and both upper and lower are too dark making me look exhausted all the time. Then I cover it up with the Sephora powder and I'm good to go. It stays on ALL day, swear to god, and it makes me look awake and it makes me look my age. Great stuff.

Becca's Concealer Most amazing line of concealers EVER. I have never ever ever seen a brand with so many shades of concealers. A little pricey at $33, but trust me, the stuff is CONCENTRATED and you get two kinds in one. The medium coverage is a little oily for me, but I have an oil slick for a face. I guess it's good for under eye where the skin is usually drier. The heavier coverage is drier and I like it. But really the best part is that I could actually find a shade that MATCHES (That way, I don't have to use too much of the powder foundation). 99% of cosemetics brands have at 3 shades of concealer. Becca has 30!!!

I don't wear a lot of makeup everyday, just enough to even things out a little. But it's so hard to find makeup for my skin tone. Most drugstore brands carry mostly white tones and then run out of whatever might possibly be near my complextion because I shop where similarly brown people shop. And even then, it doesn't really match or rubs off if you look at it funny. So I'm just really pleased to find stuff that actually works.

Health Update (because I'm an old fart and it's all I talk about)

Warning: this entry is contains material not suitable for children, men, or people eating rare steak tacos with ketchup.
[However you may be particularly interested in this entry if you're old and spend your holidays talking about your glucose and cholesterol levels. You know who you are (everyone over 40 who has ever been to Thanksgiving at the Frayna house!!!)]

So, here's an update on the whole weight loss dealie. I haven't really lost any weight in the over a month. SOOOO frustrating. It's been down half a pound, up half a pound, down half, up 0.2lbs. Crazy. This week I finally got rid of some water I'd been retaining thanks to a particularly bad visit from Aunt Flo and I'm finally down more than a pound that I'm pretty certain is actual fat.

It's really interesting how much more aware I am of bodily things since I've been on a diet. And it has also helped in making me more hormonally regular. I've had issues in the past with possibly having polycystic ovary syndrome which might partly explain why I have gone 4 to 6 months without witnessing a massacre at the Y, but that all seems to be going away.

Despite the crappy immoble numbers of the scale, I did get a physical two weeks ago and got fantastic news. But first, let's go back in time...

Last year, I had elevated liver enzymes and normal blood glucose but borderline high HbA1C level (which gives you an idea of your glucose levels over the past three months). My blood pressure was also borderline high. I also probably had borderline high triglycerides. Just borderline everything. I was supposed to lose 10lbs and go back in a month to get my liver enzymes checked, but I kind of freaked out and never went.

It took me 8 months to get my ass in gear and do something about it, but now I can honestly say the crappiness of dieting and the high cost of Jenny Craig is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

NOW, my blood pressure is a textbook 120/80 (and I even check often since I have a BP monitor at home now--see? I am such an old fart). My triglycerides are fine and my cholesterol is lower. My glucose is totally normal. There is no problem with my liver enzymes. And the red tide comes in like clockwork. So many good things that I'm really happy about. I still have A LONG way to go until I get to a good BMI, but it's truly amazing how a little weight loss can help so significantly.

Ok, so there wasn't too much period talk. So here's a website for mentrual euphemisms to make up for it. Go ahead and gross yourself out.

I *heart* you innernet

Hello everybody! I have a computer again. It's an HP Pavillion dv5035nr. I can burn CDs and DVDs and it's got lighscribe so they'll have pretty labels. The processor is *gasp* not Intel, but AMD Turion, whatever that means. I just know it's working without a squeaky wheel turned by a hamster.

I thought I'd go through major withdrawl not having a home PC for two weeks, but I've been ok. I did a lot of timewasting on the internet at work. However, I did miss being able to check out websites deemed unworthy at work, such as Apparently it has adult content.

I also watched the Olympics to fill up my time that I really ought to be using reading journal articles about tumor suppressor genes. Anyway, the Olympics have been pretty disappointing overall and Aerials is the craziest sport I've watched. I wince every time someone prepares to land, because I just KNOW they're going to twist both their legs around like corkscrews upon landing. The best thing about these Olympics, though, has been Google video. Just google what you want after NBC has aired it and you don't have to actually stay up and wait and wade through curling and other crap to get to what you really want to see. And that is, don't lie...ladies' figure skating. Sasha Cohen has the freakiest smile. The Sony Aibo robot dog has more emotion than Arakawa. Weir isn't a lady, but he might as well be. And finally, the new scoring sucks because there was waaaay too much falling. At the Olympics, I WANT PERFECTION !!!!!


Anywhooo, it's nice to be back innernet. I'll post more soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hell week

(last week)

My laptop died. "Operating system not found". How much worse could it be? Well, it could be on fire.

I had a committee meeting. Therefore I had to do last minute experiments to present at the meeting and then prepare the presentation. So I've averaged had a max of 4 hours of sleep a night.

I'm still reeling off the adrenaline and replaying every uncomfortable moment of the meeting. Lovely.

So to summarize. My laptop broke. No internet, no powerpoint, no scanner, no printer.

Things are better now. I've gotten my rest. I even took President's day off. I have a new laptop coming this week and everything is pretty good now. I will update more once I have a computer at home.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Strange Love

Valentine's day is around the corner and nothing says love like a freaky computer-voiced cat superimposed on the theme song of Perfect Strangers.

Speaking of Perfect Strangers, what ever happened to crap sitcoms with ridiculous premises?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Come and knock on my door...

Edward thinks his precious baby looks like Mr. Roper.

"Maybe?", asks Norman Fell.

"Whatever!" exclaims Alexis.

Maybe not! Crazy kid. Definitely a Frayna.

(Though it really doesn't help that she's got a receding hair line. )

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Now it's time for a little sacrilege

I finally get why Jesus was crucified and the reason He died for us. Why? Because He loves us.

How much does He love us?...


If you laughed, see ya in hell!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I could read when I was three.