Friday, May 18, 2007

Work is hard

Just kidding. It's not.

The only hard part was the fact that the guy training me had to go out of town this weekend and so he scheduled himself for four long days instead of five regular days. The first three were fine, noon to 10:30pm. But then on the fourth day he was catching his flight at 5:30pm and so had to come into work at 4AM and left work at about 2pm.

Hells no, I didn't go in at 4AM after getting home at 11:15pm. Instead, I did a couple of 5 hour days with someone else in the lab and finished off my week.

I got my three work issued lab coats this week. The rooms where I work have numerous machines and get very hot. My lab coats have elasticized cuffs and are not made of a very breathable material, so it's not going to be very comfortable. On top of that I have latex gloves and sometimes I wear disposable sleeves. I need to get some astronaut underwear, the kind with a cooling system sewn inside. By the way, wearing disposable sleeves makes me feel like doing the rumba and shouting "Babaluuuu! " Not that they're frilly and ruffled...just that, well...I'm a big weirdo. And I think the people at work may be realizing that.

Payday is tomorrow! Gem and Jewelry show is also tomorrow! Yay! Dangerous combination, but YAY anyway! My mom has the day off and she's going to go with me. It's funny (not haha, but hmmm, interesting) that I have to actually pick up my check tomorrow (direct deposit hasn't kicked in yet) and the show just happens to be just down the street from work. It's also funny that I seem to either live or work within five minutes of a gem and jewelry show convention center. Still not funny haha, but I'm still laughing at the dude with the sleeves.

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Grace said...

You are so crazy. I'm glad your job isn't hard, though! I hear you on all the sterile garb... at Lifenet we always try to get the OR as cold as humanly possible, so that during the first hour as we are setting up I'm like "so cold... can't move fingers..." and by the end I'm complaining that I'm going to start dripping sweat into the sterile field. Good times! Hope you don't have to wear dorky floofy hair cover thingys.
Have fun at the bead/gem show!