Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I've completed my second day on the 6am to 2:30pm shift. It's hard. I'm sleepy. I miss my evening shift coworkers and their night owl sense of humor.

It's weird to eat lunch at 9:30am.

The days are long.

I avoid drinking coffee because I enjoy coffee's taste but not the way it makes me tense and jittery. Tea is nice but I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to tea. It has to be made correctly (whole leaf, lots of room to unfurl). So I drink a lot of water and whine about being sleepy.

The only upside is that I come home when the sun is up and I have dinner with the family.

Everyone keeps saying that I'll have more time to do stuff. That's not really true. I spend the same amount of time at work or commuting to and from work. When going to work at 2pm I was able to go to the store and run errands before work and not worry at all about traffic. Sure it kinda sucked that everything was closed when I went home, but I'd already done what I had to do. Now I can't even think about stopping by some place in Virginia, like the really nice, big Whole Foods after work because I'd get stuck in horrific evening rush hour(s) traffic trying to cross the bridge into Maryland. And nothing is open before I get to work; it's nighttime for crying out loud.

Well I have to go to bed. I'm still having trouble falling asleep at a decent hour. I'm sure I'll crash this weekend...if I get a weekend.

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