Monday, June 09, 2008

Catch up

Stuff I've done and will do

Two weekends ago:
  • Got an acupressure massage alongside my mom. Good massage, bad English from the Chinese practitioners.
  • Went to Eastern Market for the first time and bought a gorgeous pendant from Andrea Haffner
  • Rode bikes with my younger brother through Cedarville State Forest. Took the 7mile orange trail through the woods. My goal is to ride that trail without having to get off the bike for the steeper hills-up or down-by the end of the summer.
Last weekend:
Celebrated Danyel's birthday by picking strawberries at Butler's Orchard, followed by seeing the absolutely ridiculous Indiana Jones movie.

In the future!...

July 10 weekend:
Going to Cleveland with Goo to visit Cedar Point and ride every rollercoaster and eat at Iron Chef Michael Symon's restaurant Lolita for good food and the possibility to hear that man's crazy laugh in person.

July 25 weekend:
Going to Yogaville with Goo for yoga and meditation at an ashram located in the middle of Virginia.


Edward said...

Rachel happened to remind me about that stone she bought at that Rock show when we were home. Did you ever make anything out of that thing?

Aileen said...

my email somehow thinks that my blogger post alerts are spam...not cool, man.

anyways, no i have not yet. i haven't even touched my jewelry stuff at all. however, now that i got off my duff and organized all my shit i can get back to it, and her pendant is no. 1 on the list.