Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's not even Thursday yet

Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving with my friends from work. It was potluck and I brought macaroni and cheese. Who doesn't love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? It's the cheeziest!

Just kidding. It was the America's Test Kitchen (ATK) recipe. It turned out very well, except I thought it needed pepper. The recipe doesn't call for black pepper, but I like pepper on pretty much everything.

The hostess, who is Taiwanese, made spring rolls. I fried them while she finished wrapping. It's funny how I tend to be the eggroll fryer at parties.

We were so stuffed, but happy, by the end of the evening. Unfortunately, I was so full I had a hard time sleeping. It could have also been the gigantic amaretto sour that I had as well. Or my newly developed carpal tunnel in my left (to join my right) hand. This makes me very sad, I had to mention it.

Anyways, due to the fitful sleep, I woke a little later than I wanted to. I had lots to do today! I haven't been this productive in a long time.
Today I:
  • Got a membership at the new Costco and bought a pecan pie
  • Went to Safeway for normal sized foods
  • Baked ATK's brown sugar cookies
  • Baked ATK's oatmeal chocolate pecan cranberry cookies
  • Baked whole grain spelt rolls
  • Baked NY Times' parker house rolls (only not in muffin tins...so are they still parker house rolls?)
  • Continued knitting a Christmas present scarf
I'm really getting a hang of this bread baking business. Although, it is a bit frustrating with the cold weather and the lack of rising. But that's nothing a warm oven can't fix. I must admit that I hate touching yeast right out the packet because I know they're alive. Kinda creepy in a germy kind of way.

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