Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry New Year!

I don't usually get to cook main dishes for holidays at home; that's Mom's domain. But this New Year's Eve I made coconut chicken curry, spicy coconut milk spinach, and fried potato and pea samosas. I don't really know much about Indian cooking but I made the first two dishes for my family a few weeks ago and they really liked it. I also pan fried some onion roti (kinda like tortillas) from Grand Mart. Oh! and for the fried samosas I mixed up some cilantro dressing based on the (unofficial?) Cordua restaurant recipe I found online. It wasn't green but white with green bits. I wonder if they add food coloring or just let it sit for a while or maybe using a food processor to chop the cilantro would create cilantro juice to make it more green? Mine tasted yummy nonetheless. And since the Frayna family really can't just have one meat per holiday meal, my mom made a ham with an apricot jam glaze and fresh pandesal. For dessert, I made leche flan. It boiled so I wasn't happy with the holes that remained, but it was still freakin delicious. And Sara and Goo enlightened me to the fact that it's good when the holes fill up with the caramel sauce. Awesomeness.

And so we sat around the dining table for our late dinner waiting for the new year. Then all of a sudden it was 11:58! I didn't realize we sat down for our late dinner so late. Oh well, at least we didn't miss it.

My resolution this year is to do at least one volunteering activity this year. Make the world a better place and whatnot.

Happy 2007 everybody. I hope this year is happier.


mv said...

I just realized that, until I'm allowed to chew again, it's gonna be really difficult reading your blog, seeing how you like to post about food a lot. And the reference to the cilantro dressing (the one that God must drink with a straw it's such pure, ethereal goodness)? Ouch. But it all sounds like it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Aileen,

For fun I decided to google "job for Aileen" as my name is Aileen and I wanted to have fun assuming the Divine could give me an obvious sign...
you showed up and I enjoyed reading a bit of your blog. I found it interesting that you have a Gaelic name and you appear to have Indian heritage. I am Irish, among a handful of other great ethnic lines.

I wish you well in your job success and a great new year!
AND I applaud you in your New Year's Eve dinner! My Italian heritage has me heavily engrossed in cooking..since I was 11 at least, and tonight I was actually asked by my brother, who I am visiting, to make Indian food...curry..coconut milk...yum...Indian food is high on my favorite list of eating and making!
Thank you for showing up on my GOOGLE search...I am smiling!