Wednesday, February 14, 2007

She's crafty and she's just my type

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's cold. There was no power in the house from 7:30am to 1:30pm. As you can see the trees are covered in ice. A branch from a tree across the street fell and just nicked my car which was parked out on the street. Thanks to my dad, who stayed home today, all three cars are now parked in our driveway. My mom had the day off today anyway and woke me up this morning when she thought I might need another blanket. My room is in the basement which is usually FREEZING. Colder than cold. But I have a space heater, so my room was actually the warmest room in the house today.

Look! My bed and its snazzy new bed linens! And the wall under the ledge is "Jade Sea"! the window is covered with a bamboo roller shade that lets in a lot of light into the basement room. That circular yoga pillow was my Christmas present from Grace and is satiny like the linens. The bed is quite slippery now. Weee!!!! And look at that! The old lamp that used to be in the living room matches the room now! But what's even more impressive is the fact that my bed is made! Exclamations!

I even found a switchplate that matches. And it all coordinates with the curtains covering my closet. So matchy-matchy! I've gone insane!

So what does a crazy girl with no electricity do when it's colder than a witches boobie? Knit

I know, I don't even like to knit. But it's cold! And I've been watching too much DIY and reading too many crafting blogs (Crazy Aunt Purl and NotMartha). Marivonne taught me how to knit in Houston but I guess in Houston the weather just wasn't right for knitting. While I love jewelry making because it's fast and you can wear jewelry in any weather, knitting is portable. And you can knit in bed under a bunch of blankets. I can't bead in bed or in a car.

I used to HATE crafting. Thoughts of the arts and craft shows at the Waynesboro Outlet Mall (now closed and used for fire fighting exercises until they build a Target) make me shiver with disgust (or is it just really cold? no, it's digust). But now I make jewelry and knit and will probably take up some other crafty thing. But you know with things like Stich 'n' Bitch and cooler people doing crafty things it's not so bad. Though I did have a Granny moment this morning in my "Amish" house, sitting by the fire and knitting while sitting in a rocking recliner.

Here's my scarf in progress under my new little Ikea lamp. The color of the Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn is "pheasant" but I like to call it granola. It has bits of tan, ochre, olive, and burgandy so it will match with all of my outerwear. The loopiness is a bit difficult to knit for me, as this is just my second project ever (the first being a blue scarf), but I love it because it hides all of my mistakes.

I just noticed in the corner of the picture is another crafty thing. I painted that bud vase at the Mad Potter in Houston, a paint your own pottery place. The craftiness is overwhelming!


Grace said...

So pretty! Enjoy the snow, as usual Richmond got nada... :(

Danyel said...

I miss the Mad Potter! :(