Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Have ya heard? Snacks are tasty!

Ok, so I quit Jenny Craig, and now I've been eeeeeaaaaaating. LOL. I can't help it. Ok, well, times are rough and eating, well, is a proven stress reliever. Damn food. Why does it taste so good?!?!? And I have discovered things in the grocery store in aisles I haven't traveled down since last September.

Example 1: 100 calorie pack Cheetos 'Asteroids' aka cheese balls. God, fried bright orange snacks are stupid good. And if I make them my evening snack, it's not even cheating. It's just crazy hard not to eat all five packs in the box at one sitting.

Example 2: Ben and Jerry's Vermonty Python. Kaluha ice cream with oreo cookie swirl and fudge cows. Funny, I never even craved ice cream while on JC. Probably because I didn't know this flavor existed.

Ok, I think I've gotten the junk novelty out of my system. Time to get back on the horse. Although, when I used to ride horses, students who fell off the horse had to bring cookies the next day. Shame cookies are a strange punishment. And a wee bit counterproductive for people who cheat on their diets.

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