Monday, June 05, 2006

Say wha?

Here's a really interesting post on the Sneeze about high frequency sounds that are used to deter youngsters makin' a ruckus in stores.

I'd post the mp3's here if I knew how...I could probably figure it out, but I'm lazy and I should actually be asleep right now.

Anyways, I could hear a high pitched oscillating sound on #1 only if I put my ear up to the speaker. For #2, I suggest you stand back. It made me queasy and had me shaking my head for five minutes trying to get rid of the sound.


Grace said...

that is so interesting! the first one was just a little annoying, but i could definetely hear it w/out turning up the sound. the second one made my ears feel like they were bleeding. ow!
so hey, does this mean that me, a 26 year old, has the hearing of a 25 year old? woohoo!

Danyel said...

I could hear something on #1. Just a pulsing under the street noise. The second one was awful. Loti was even freaking out a bit. She was trying to figure out where it was coming from and then kinda curled up to my side for, I don't know, protection? My ears are still ringing.

Edward said...

I didn't hear anything on the first one and I heard the second one, but it didnt bother me. I had the volume all the way up and it was fine. Its weird but I think I hear that noise in my head sometimes.

Aileen said...

Haha, Edward's old.

Andrew said...

Well I guess this this why they test my hearing for the fire dept. I heard the first one when my ear was like an inch away from the speaker with it turned all the way up. The second was a kindof pulsating noise right? None of it made me not go hog wild when I go in the store though. I particulary like hiding in the clothes racks and scaring people when they walk by.