Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To Catch a Thief, or a Maintenance Guy, or a Perv in Your Underwear

I came home today and found my ironing board moved out from in front of the air vent. I can only assume apartment maintenance people came in to do something in regards to the leaky air conditioner that I had called about MONTHS ago when it was still hot outside. They said it might be a while since they only have one maintenance guy right now, but man, they really took their time. Well, I just thought they were never coming. (It wasn't always like that. They used to be really quick about fixing stuff and would come the next day. I'd move, but I'm lazy and don't expect to live in Texas too much longer.) But it's always kinda creepy when they come when I'm away at work. And this time I wasn't expecting them, so of course, the place is a total trash-hole (I'm really much better when I live with other people since the mess is confined to a smaller area all my own, but shared rooms are organized and tidy).

Oh, I just found the note saying that they came by and changed the AC filter.

Perhaps I should get a camera. That would mean a camera for home and work! Well, it worked for this girl : Woman Uses Hidden Camera to Catch Man Wearing Her Underwear .

But honestly, if any dude is gonna break in to my place, he should at least do my dishes, like this Chinese guy .


Rachel said...

You know, your apt building is supposed to give you at least 24 hour notice before they enter your can get them in so much only knows what they could have done....That sucks!!!
ps...where do you get those articles...they just prove there are some crazy people out there!!!!!

Aileen said...

hm, i should bring that up with them.

and the guy who wore that lady's lingerie was here in houston so i saw it on the news. but when i was looking for the article online, came across the article about the chinese guy.