Thursday, April 27, 2006

The end of an era

As of yesterday, I stopped going to Jenny Craig. Just as quickly as I started, too. I tend to do make decisions on the spur of the moment. But, the cost was no longer worth it. And most of all, I was dead tired of the food. I had been on the program six months and 22 days. Went down about 2 pant sizes, depending on who made the pants. I had a net loss of 29lbs (lost at most 32 lbs, gained some back in the stressful days of March). I lost pretty much all of the weight in the first three months. February and March were up and down and up. April was good and lost most of the up. I was obviously getting bored.

However, this is not the end. Faaaarrrrr from it. But at least now I'm more conscious of what I eat and know what I have to do to continue. Eating 6 times a day and buffering meals and curbing late night hunger with tons of veggies is a habit now. Exercise isn't a punishment; it actually makes you feel good! Imagine that. I still plan on eating out of a box, only this time it'll be Lean Cuisines, mostly. And a lot cheaper. You have no idea how happy I am to be able to eat something new that isn't a "cheat".

Here's the 1500 Calorie menu:

Something under 220 Calories + 1 cup fruit + 1 cup lowfat milk product

Multivitamin + yogurt + 1 cup fruit

Green salad with 2tbs dressing (60Cal/tbs)
Something under 300 Calories

1 cup fruit

Vegetables (i.e steamed or sauteed or roasted w/Pam)
Something under 300 Calories

Something under 170 Calories (e.g. jerky, baked Cheetos, tons of stuff in the cookie aisle) + 1 cup milk

Unlimited Extras (anything under 20 Calories/serving):
All non-starchy vegetables
All seasonings and broth
Sugar-free gum (has really been helping lately. I love Orbitz orange mint)
Sugar-free drinks

Limited three servings a day :
Anything 30 calories/serving
e.g. sugar free candy, cool whip (yay!), dressing, margarine, jelly (Polaner makes a good one with Splenda)


Edward said...

Cool news sister. Hope everything works out well and the weightloss you have already is a great accomplishment.

alexander said...

thats awesome that you got so much out of it and you obviously have a plan for the future. great job ayween!