Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'll give you a topic...discuss!

Here are some random thoughts of mine floating around the massive space that is my noggin.

I think I could handle having a child who was addicted to drugs easier than one who wanted to be vegan. I could, however, handle a vegan better than a conservative.

I am considering going to see United 93, even though I have never watched or read anything about 9/11 since I finished watching 36 straight hours of CNN following the event. Curiosity is compelling, but the 30sec commerical alone makes me all choked up.

I went to a Filipino party this evening and realized the Philippine national dance is the Electric Slide.

At the same party, I realized I may just have to allow line dancing at my wedding. Limit 2.


Edward said...

I'm all verklempt...Who was the host of coffee talk before Linda Richman?

Aileen said...

It was Paul Baldwin

Edward said...