Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cracked Eggs

The day after Easter my mom and I bought candy 50% off. I hadn't had ANY Easter candy all season. I just wasn't in the mood. But since it was on sale, I got some jelly beans and Cadbury mini eggs, in milk and dark.

I had some jelly beans and tasted a few dark Mini Eggs, and thought, "Ok, I won't binge on sweets. I can make this last a while. Cool."

But then I had a milk chocolate Mini Egg.

Dear LORD those are fiiiillled with crack. Pure, unadulterated crack. I can't have just one. Thank God they only come out during the spring.

I know I've mentioned Mini Eggs before on this blog, but DAMN!

Crack, I tells ya, they's filled with crack.


Grace said...

I didn't even buy any this year, for fear of eating the whole bag and immediately going into a diabetic coma. I'll save that for Halloween! :P

mv said...

Just in the spring? Remember how last Christmas they decided to shape them more like a perfect sphere, color them red, white and green, and call them Cadbury.......balls (or whatever they called them)? Cadbury crack addicts beware! They sneak up on ya in disguise again at Christmas time!