Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm not a big fan of cats. I don't own cat knickknacks. I have a cat, but I only like her juuuust enough to keep her.

But I love lolcats. If you don't know, lolcats are cute photos of cats (also other animals such as rabbits, dogs, and walruses) with captions. The caption is often in some form of Engrish and the spelling is phonetic. You can find them at and other places.
I'm not sure why I like these so much. It's a giant waste of time. I guess I like the clickability of it all and once in a while I find one that makes me laugh.

I just love sloths. Except for their algae fur.

I would NEVER do something like that...never.

Here's a freaky one:
If Kane, the short legged dog, and Butters, the cat loaf, mated!!!!!

*I do not condone crappity ass spelling unless you are an animal. If you are an animal, good job on learning to read and type and add text into your photos.


Grace said...

Those are funny in a completely awesomely stupid way.
I take in that you are also aware of and ? The second is not nearly as funny as the first, because only a cat can look completely cute AND pissed off when they are covered in legos.

Aileen said...

i was not aware of . i do find it strange however that my cat loves to go into the shower, but hates getting wet.