Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More Adventures from the Yoga Studio

I took the day off today because I have to work over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I woke up stiff and a little sore from last night's yoga class. It went well except I can't do twisted triangles (pic from Yoga Journal) for shit. Frustrating, but I'll practice. After class I went ahead and bought a 12 pack of classes at the student discount. And I scheduled a massage for today at noon.

pic from The Washington Post

Thai massage, aka "Lazy man's yoga". An hour and a half of "interactive manipulation using passive stretching and massage along the body's meridians" ( Institute of Thai Massage ) resulting in a both relaxed and energized state of wowness. You lie on the floor and relax while the masseuse pushes and pulls you into positions you didn't think you could do. Until today I had never been so intimate with a homosexual man. LOL! I'll bet he massaged every inch of me, except for directly on the super no-no places. But I went in there with a little cramp in my right hip/ass area wondering if I'd get a butt massage, and DAMNED if he didn't get rid of it with his FOOT.

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