Friday, November 18, 2005

Yay! I found a good yoga class!

Since Saturday, I have had a free week trial membership at Your Body Center in Montrose, which gives me unlimited yoga, pilates, and pilates-ball classes (this is the place I mentioned in the massage post). I went to a beginners yoga class on Saturday. It was OK, but not what I was looking for. I have been looking for someone to teach me exactly how to do the asanas, or postures, correctly. I am naturally very flexible, so I'm encouraged to do more, but I don't want to hurt myself, espcially if I'm practicing on my own.

So, since I had a WHOLE free week, I decided to try this place again. This evening I went to the Ashtanga Yoga class taught by this guy named Andrew. I think it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for.

I was a little concerned at first because he was just wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a long sleeve pullover. Can you really lead a class in jeans? Turns out he doesn't really lead the class in this "Mysore" class. Basically, in this class you learn the basics really well, and each time you come back you review what you learned and learn maybe one new thing. There were maybe 6 of us there and we all went at our own pace. Everybody went ahead and started their practice while he told me what to do. I learned how to do a sun salutation and how to start learning how to breathe while I did it. First, Andrew showed me how do to the sequence. Then I did it with him a few times. Then he had me do it on my own (a little nervous about that, but it was ok). While I was working on my own, trying REALLY hard to remember the sequence, Andrew would help each of the other students. Then he'd come back to me and point out what I needed to do-- like keep my back straight or tuck in my arms. And I finally!!! learned how downward facing dog should feel when he pushed down on my lower back so my feet were flat on the ground and shifted my weight off my arms and onto my legs. On my own, a lot of weight is still on my arms (they felt a bit weak on the drive home) and my heels are still about an inch off the ground. But hopefully one day, I'll be able to do it properly.

Andrew seems nice. He was encouraging and kind, but I also sense he could be a demanding teacher. I was very pleased with this class and I hope I can go back regularly, finances permitting.


Hanne said...

I love pilates and yoga. I do pilates several times a week and power yoga when I have the chance. Unlike you I'm not naturally flexible and not very gracious :D which causes som funny scenes... But it is cool though, and you always feel so good afterwards.

I'm looking forward to moving to the US again. Just as long as I get a scholarship. Or else it might not be worth it! But what a cool city name ;)

Edward said...

That looks uncomfortable. But is everyone in our family naturally flexible, because I can really stretch more than I think my body should allow me to. By looking at me, I don't think I appear to be very flexible. It's funny how far I can do the splitz.

Aileen said...

Hanne- that's cool you like doing it. I don't have a lot of friends who like these things. They're either afraid they can't do it or think it's too granola-head hippy.

Edward- it isn't terribly uncomfortable. it's hard on your hamstrings at first but i like it, and other inverted standing poses, because it really takes the weight off my lower vertebrae. good for a sore lower back from sitting in an chair too long. and the flexiblity thing--yeah, we're a bunch of freaks.

Rachel said...

You guys are a bunch a feaks but I'm not sure if its because you are then again I married into the family so I don't think that says much about me I actually have been wanting to take pregnancy yoga classes, but now its to late because the only classes I will be taking now is the Lamaze...but I suppose I will need all of the relaxation and exercise after the baby is born... ;)